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2011 Chinese FENG SHUI

2011 is just around the corner, and it is expected to be an exciting year ahead.

According to renowned International Awards Winner and GOOD FENG SHUI® Geomantic Researcher, Master Kenny Hoo (www.GoodFengShui.com), the 2011 year of Rabbit will be a "CONSOLIDATION Year", as we transit from an "awakening" year in 2010 to even more active and vibrant conditions.

Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui especially named the Golden Rabbit Year 2011 as a "Consolidation Year", as people will need to gather wisdom, knowledge and to consolidate on their strength and resources, in order to filter opportunities from risks.

2011 is a Golden Rabbit (辛卯年) Year. This Golden Rabbit Year begins on Feb 4th, 2011 and ends on Feb 3rd, 2012.

On the Feb 4th, 2011 @ 11:33am will be the beginning of Spring when a brand new Year of the Rabbit starts.

Some Feng Shui masters have been describing the 2011 year of Rabbit as a "very negative year" ahead. However, Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui interprets 2011 Rabbit Year from a uniquely different perspective.

Every year, Master Kenny Hoo uses his very unique GOOD FENG SHUI Lifepath Analysis, which converges various methodologies and principles, for his yearly prediction. The unique analysis shows that the 2011 Golden Rabbit Year continues to carry lots of Wealth and Prosperity energies.

Kenny uses his very unique GOOD FENG SHUI® Lifepath Analysis method, which involves a combination of Chinese Astrology Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu, Yi-Jing (The Book of Changes), Yearly Flying-star and very in-depth Good Feng Shui Ba-Zi analysis.

Master Kenny Hoo says, "The 2011 Golden Rabbit Year will be bringing forth plenty of exciting prosperity throughout the year even though the Wealth Stars are not as "prominent" as was in the year 2010. "

"The frequent occurrences of natural disasters, especially in the South, East and West will impact the food chain supplies to many parts of the world. Therefore, prices of commodities and natural resources are expected to rise. Inflation will be on the increasing trend. ", Master Kenny Hoo elaborates.

"However, do not be frigthened away by the potential ups and downs in the market place. We do foresee ample good business opportunities despite the presence of risks."

Kenny says, "In this year of Consolidation, we must react fast enough to the market changes, handle the changes calmly with a clear mind, manage challenges wisely and working hand-in-hand with potential working partners to face all challenges and risks."

"Most importantly, with intellectual wisdom and Lifepath Management skills, we are able to filter the risks and to find even more opportunities in the Year of the Golden Rabbit."

"For those who did not fare too well in 2010, it will be an excellent opportunity to brace themselves to make a comeback. And for those who performed reasonably well in 2010, it is a chance to aim towards even more improvement ahead."

Kenny further elaborates, "The 2011 Rabbit is of a strong, Yin Wood element. Yin Wood is always been associated with wisdom, growth, kindness, perseverance and persistence. During Rabbit Months or Years, we note that things will tend to be more dynamic; and therefore, changes are expected in all undertaking."

Kenny explains further, "The Rabbit Year indicates that all living creatures will start to grow to greater heights."

"However, during the growing process, we require wisdom, additional power and strength in order to clear all the possible hurdles ahead. The consolidation of all good resources is vital for one to have a smoother route ahead. I would therefore term this exciting 2011 Year of the Rabbit as a ‘CONSOLIDATION YEAR", Kenny explains.

"We should continue to strengthen our own resources, including knowledge, network of people, in order to continue leveraging the opportunities ahead with lots of confidence in welcoming the forthcoming Rabbit Year.", Kenny Hoo elaborates.

GOOD FENG SHUI® Lifepath Analysis on 2011 the Year of Rabbit

From the GOOD FENG SHUI® Lifepath Analysis viewpoint, the 2011 Golden Rabbit Year has the Xin (辛) Metal element as Heavenly-Stem, and the Mao (卯) Yin-Wood element as its Earthly-Branch.

"When Metal is located above as Heavenly-Stem element and the Wood element is sitting below as the Earthly-Branch, they will have a strong clash or conflict. Therefore, most Feng Shui masters describe or interpret the forthcoming year as ‘Heaven clashes Earth' (天剋地沖). Moreover, the Month and Day Pillars are both having strong clashes and conflicts too. This is the reason why most Feng Shui masters speculate that in 2011, there would be lots of misfortunes, natural disasters, and in terms of socio-economy aspects there would also be some unstability or worsen effects."

"Based on 2011 Ba-Zi's Year-pillar only, we can predict the weather condition in 2011. We consur with predictions that year 2011 will be having more frequent occurrence of natural disasters, such as landslides, earthquakes, rain, floods, fire hazards, accidents and also contagious diseases. It is therefore advisable for travellers and holiday-makers to plan well for their trips, and to try to anticipate any possible negative scenarios, as precautionary steps, before embarking on their journeys."

Kenny also noted, "Take extra care of the health of your young children, as the Qi will not be favourable to them in this Rabbit Year."

"Nevertheless, with knowledge beforehand about the kind of forthcoming weather conditions, we should be able to take ample precautionary measures, so as to minimize the possible risks and losses. For example, to minimize the possibility of floods, town councils could ensure that most monsoon drainage systems in the area are in good and working conditions. And to avoid fire hazards, the household and factory owners should ensure that all electrical cabling, wiring, petroleum gas systems are routinely maintained and functioning well. Most importantly we are given enough time to prepare for any possible risks. Risk Management is also one of the very important elements in good Feng Shui practice."

Kenny Hoo explains further, "However, for truly in-depth Feng Shui analysis, we neither predict nor judge the whole year as good or bad, by merely referring to the Year-Pillar of 2011. The accuracy of prediction, if based solely on the Year-Pillar is only 20% accurate. In other words, some yearly predictions or outlook that are based solely on the Year-Pillar, may be highly limited in terms of accuracy."

"2011 the year of Rabbit will still be filled with lots of opportunities, provided we handle everything wisely, and it is important not make any drastic decision based on emotions."

2011 Business Outlook

From GOOD FENG SHUI® Lifepath Analysis viewpoint, the "chemical reactions", resulting from the "clashes" amongst elements within the yearly BaZi, in fact generates plenty of Wealth and Prosperity energies.

Kenny Hoo asserts, "This means there will still be lots of wealth and business opportunities in 2011.
However, in the year of 2011, the wealth star is not as prominent as in 2010. This is because the Wealth Stars are hidden within the Earthly Branches of the BaZi. We need to apply more intelligence and wisdom in order to acquire the wealth."

"Working together with more business partners, even with unconventional ones is vital in Year 2011, which is expected to come with lots of surprises, and ups and downs."

"We foresee there will be more companies undergoing merger processes. Not only will big market players acquire smaller ones, similarly, the smaller-sized companies may also have opportunities to acquire the big ones."

"We need to especially think out-of-the-box in this ever-changing era.", Kenny elaborates further.

Besides that, from the Flying Stars point of view, the most "semi-auspicious" Number-7 star, which still carries some levels of Wealth and Prosperity powers, arrives at the Centre House of the 2011 Flying Star chart.

"Being the 'Governing Star' in 2011, the Number-7 star contributes positively but comes with lots of unexpected changes especially in the business sectors. Despite pleanty of ups, downs and challenges, there will still be strong opportunities in business and wealth fortunes in 2011 the year of Golden Rabbit."

Kenny mentions further: "Especially the Metal-, Wood- and Fire-related industries, such as mining, metal, gold, steel, banking and finance, automobiles, timber, security, petroleum-based products and services, electrical and electronic, information technology and telecommunications, security system, food and beverage, entertainment, palm oil, rubber, legal, politics, and some other related ones, are expected to benefit the most upon entering to the new era in the Golden Rabbit Year 2011."

Kenny says, "In particularly, the Wood- and Metal-related industries such as timber, infrastructure, iron, steel, gold, copper, banking and finance sectors, we shall see a bullish trend in these particular industries because in the year 2011, the wealth is contained within the Wood and Metal elements".

2011 Yearly Good Feng Shui® Predictions

According to Kenny Hoo's GOOD FENG SHUI® Yearly Lifepath Analysis on 2011, the Year of the Golden Rabbit, it shows that:

•There will be bigger pool of wealth especially in the Metal-, Wood and Fire-related industries.
•The world's weather will become more extreme (too cold or too hot, depending on different locations), and there will be more rain that causes floods in 2011. Besides that, there will be more natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, typhoons, snow-storms, and fire hazards.
•The production of natural resources and commodities such as mining, palm oil, rubber, rice are expected to be in greater demand but shortage of supply. With anticipated bad weather causing the reduction in the supplies. commodity prices are expected to rise.
•The economy in the domestic market will be more active. The government is very likely to continue pumping in more funding to infrastructure projects in the domestic market.
•Due to the strong Wood element in the year of 2011, there will be more innovative and creative products and services to be created, launched, packaged and marketed, i.e. more business opportunities and speculations in 2011.
•The stock market will be much more active, and room for appreciation is very high, especially in the first and second quarters. Beware of the months February, May and August.
•Land and property prices continue to appreciate. To be softtened especially towards the second half of the year.
•Prices of gold, iron, steel, cooper continue to appreciate.
•Petrol price to remain high.
•Inflation rate will continue to grow high.


This year of Golden Rabbit will be a very exciting year with a mixture of opportunities and challenges

Generally, in 2011 the Year of the Golden Rabbit, we expect the economy in the first 6 months, and particularly especially the first Quarter, to be more exciting and to continue to be of an up-trend.

The subsequent months will see more ups-and-downs. However, throughout the whole year, there will still be, lots of great opportunities.

Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui in particularly named this year of the RABBIT as a "CONSOLIDATION YEAR". As people will need to gather wisdom, knowledge and strength in order to filter opportunities from risks.

This year would be very strong for the Metal, Wood and Fire-related industries.

Therefore, we foresee that the prices of Gold, Steel, Copper, Iron, Petroleum will continue to grow high.

The Automobiles industry is also expected to be booming.

Wood-related industries will flourish as well, such as the timber, media, furniture, palm oil and rubber industries.

The stock market will have more opportunities especially in the 1st Quarter. In the second half of the year, however, there will be more ups and downs.

•Must choose the right counters wisely. As always, do enough homework before entering the market place.
•Hot money will continue to flow into the local market. The respective authorities must have sufficient wisdom and alerness to handle and anticipate the inflow and outflow of this hot money; as its impact can be very volatile.
•Land and Property sectors will continue growing in the first quarter, however in the second half of the year, the investors must choose the right products wisely. There will be a more good choices for the property purchasers to choose from.
•Economy/Business - opportunities, however, to be very speculative as most people will tend to look at short term gains.
•In this CONSOLIDATION year, there will be more acquisitions, companies of industries merging cases.
•There will be strong competition in all different fields or industries, therefore those who are in the business field must create innovative products and services. Thus the implementation of the "Blue Ocean Strategy" is important in marketing their products and services.
•Inflation rate will continue to grow high. People become more stressful then.
•There will be more rain in 2011. Earthquake, flood, typhoon, contagious disease will occur quite frequently.
However, we should continue to strengthen our own resources, including knowledge, network of people, in order to continue leveraging the opportunities ahead with lots of confidence in welcoming the forthcoming Rabbit Year.

2011 Good Feng Shui Advices

The 2011 Golden Rabbit year, is a year that is filled with plenty of excitement, surprises, and opportunities mixed with lots of risks and challenges.

2011 the Year of Rabbit is still a suitable year to start new businesses, to get married, to move to a new house or office premises, renovations and etc. To add auspiciousness and to usher in these events with more positive energies, the events should be arranged to coincide with an auspicious date and time, pre-selected by a knowledgeable and experienced Feng Shui Master.

We are eagerly awaiting to welcome the arrival of the year of Rabbit with great anticipation and hope. 2011 the year of Rabbit shall further boost our fortunes and energies to greater heights.

The year of Rabbit will empower us to benefit tremendously from its good Feng Shui effects.